US, UK, And Australia Team Up To Push Spammers To Other Countries

from the don't-let-it-be-our-problem dept

The US, the UK and Australia have now come to some sort of agreement where the three countries will work together to fight spam — with the expected results about as vague as that statement. They don’t really say what they’re doing to fight spam, other than “cooperating” with each other because “illegal spam does not respect national boundaries.” Indeed, this is true. But because there are nearly 200 countries around the world, it appears spammers still have 197 or so to mess around in.

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Comments on “US, UK, And Australia Team Up To Push Spammers To Other Countries”

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Bert says:

Spam Act

I had to research the Austrlian Spam act recently for a client and the act implies assumptive cooperation from other countries on procecution of spammers external to Australia.

All that that is tied up in the individual Trade agreements different countries have. So i think its at a stage where they are working out how to create a cooperative effort, as the act is setup to allow it.

Wether it will be at all successfull is another matter entirely.

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