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A year and a half ago, we wrote about Warren Lieberfarb getting fired from Warner Brothers. Lieberfarb is often credited as the “father of the DVD,” who fought long and hard to get everyone on the same page to offer the DVD. Newsweek is now running an article looking at the story a year and a half later, where Lieberfarb is still not particularly liked in the industry he helped save. The article also has the overall background story of how he got warring parties together in order to build the DVD. While he’s still fighting with Time Warner over his compensation, he’s now working for Microsoft on the next generation of DVD technologies. It would have been a lot more impressive if he would have taken his deal making skills and energy to get the entertainment industry to realize the power of peer-to-peer networking, rather than just trying to rehash his last success story. The story is positioned as if Lieberfarb realized the importance of getting everyone together on this particular “disruptive” technology. It’s too bad he doesn’t appear to be paying attention to the much bigger disruptive technology that’s out there.

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