The Mobile Phone Is Killing The Red Telephone Booth In The UK

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While there have been plenty of stories about how mobile phones are killing off payphones, nowhere is such a story as upsetting to people as in the UK, where the distinctive red telephone booths are quickly disappearing, making it more and more difficult for tourists to get a picture in front of one. While there are a variety of reasons for the removal of such phone booths, including accessibility problems for the disabled, the main reason is simply that they’re increasingly obsolete when everyone has a mobile phone. Of course, this is leading to a brisk business in reselling the phone booths for collectors who are turning them into lawn ornaments, conversation pieces, or even as part of a home bar.

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Comments on “The Mobile Phone Is Killing The Red Telephone Booth In The UK”

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dorpus says:

Next comes radio towers

Since who listens to radio anymore? It will change the skyline of many cities around the world. How much 20th century literature was written about the grotesque monstrosity of modern structures that polluted the landscape? Now that they will get their wish, will the art crowd be writing about the “holocaust” of economic progress, the memories of electric towers?

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I’m actually quite surprised by this. I don’t know about the US and UK, but here in British Columbia pay phones are an integral part of the emergency telephone system. In the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake, the regular phone system and cellphone grid will be shut down. Only designated phones will continue to work, including payphones.

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