Zero In On Your Lost Mobile Phone

Somewhere back in the 80s I had one of those keychains that would respond with a beeping noise when you whistled. Of course, like so many “insurance” measures, I realized once I had it that I never really lost my keys. It looks like Korea is trying for a modern update on that idea. Textually points us to a new service in Korea from KTF that they call their Cell Phone Positioning System, which is designed to help people find their lost mobile phones using someone else’s mobile phone. From the description it sounds like they’re not using GPS, but just some form of base-station triangulation to locate the phone. It seems rather limited. It will only work if the phone is on, so you shouldn’t wait too long after you’ve lost your phone. It’s also unclear how they prevent this from being misused. You have to use someone else’s phone, so what’s to prevent someone else from finding you while you still have the phone with you?

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