The Frustration Of The WiFi Network You Can't Use

Guy Kewney’s latest column for eWeek discusses the frustration of knowing there’s a WiFi network there that you can’t use. He was at a gathering of “media experts” and it was clear that there was a WiFi network available… but no one could use it. The IT guy insisted that he would have registered their MAC addresses if he had known. The university hosting the conference had said that WiFi would be available, but apparently forgot to tell the IT guy. Still, what’s most interesting is just how angry Kewney seems about not being able to access the internet. He makes it seem as though it’s a personal insult. Certainly, I’m no stranger to complaining about the lack of WiFi access at a conference, but I’m not sure it’s an insult. Either way, it does show the level of frustration some people feel when they know there’s a wireless network there and they just can’t connect.

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