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Congress Looking To Enable More Fax Spam

from the because-we-don't-get-enough-already dept

Just as Congress is congratulating themselves on stopping spam, they’re now trying to make it easier to send spam faxes as well. The FCC has a new rule that will require written permission to receive a fax. Admittedly, there are problems with this rule, such as the inability to give verbal permission to receive a fax. If someone calls up over the phone and wants information faxed to them, that should be legal. However, the bill in Congress goes completely in the other direction and gives no time limit on how long a company has the right to fax someone. A perfectly reasonable compromise (suggested by opponents of the new bill) is to allow faxes for 48 hours after a verbal request, but not any longer. As it stands now, any company that believes you’ve given them verbal permission to fax them, can send you faxes forever. This can be a big problem especially when some less than honest fax marketing companies have been known to fake phone logs to pretend they had permission to fax people.

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Comments on “Congress Looking To Enable More Fax Spam”

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1 Comment
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