Companies Team Up To Catch Some Phish

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Anti-phishing software is not new. We wrote about it a couple months ago, when it looked like individual sites such as eBay were coming out with their own anti-phishing tools. For the most part, these were only helpful for very specific phishing scams (i.e., those directed at eBay users) and no one is interested in downloading a separate anti-phishing app for each and every site they visit. So, now, a group of tech companies and retailers are teaming up to come up with a standard method of fighting phishing scams. They call it the the Trusted Electronic Communications Forum (TECF) and hope to come up with a more standardized way of fighting phishing scams. Of course, since phishing is mostly a social engineering scam, it’s unclear how much help a bit of technology will be in stopping it. The group admits that their goal isn’t just to come up with technology solutions, but best practices and techniques to better track down the scammers. In other words, the goal is really just to educate both law enforcement and users about the risks of phishing scams. Of course, if Nigerian 419 scams are any example, it will be quite some time before they can reach those who are most vulnerable to these types of scams.

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Comments on “Companies Team Up To Catch Some Phish”

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apollo alam says:

been cheated by the nigerians

i have been cheated by the nigerian 419 scammers

i didn’t know about the scammers before.after being cheated several times and loosing a lot of money and getting informations about them in the internet i understood everything.please note these e-mail addresses

,i am sure if you investigate you will find about the scammer’s and thats for 100% sure.

here is the last example of their proposals which i am not responding

Dear Mr. Alam,

This is to acknowledge your mail but regretably ,it seems that you refused to send the money to the name of the officer l gave you. That’s fine – If you decide to wire the money to the account receivable of the Revenue Agency. Anyway, l’m prepared to give you the account of the Broker Agenct who is responsibile of collecting the Tax money in our rigting , but you will be paying 7% Provincial service Tax (PST) and the 8% percent Genearal service Tax(GST), they will be charging us this Taxes on top of US $5460.00.

GST and PST are sales Taxes charged all the business for conducting any business in Ontario.Since this is your money , we are not prepared to pay that for you.

Finally, you requested that they should give you another three weeks on top of the delay you have delayed in paying this Taxes. Mr. Alam, l will advice you not to preasure them to Re-assess your account – because if they do , l guaranttee you that you will be paying more.Do not forget that we used our Agent who works with the Regional Tax office here in Toronto to be able to get you to pay $5460.00.

If they audit you and order for re-assessment of your account, you might be paying the actual Tax amount which is more than what you are paying today.Remember , l told you that we specialize in discret transfer hence your fund was transfered to us in the first place.

l could do my best to try to get them to hold the account till 15th of march , 2006 and that’s the best l can do. l will give you the account when you are ready to make your payment.

l have done my job as your account manager. l have completed my due deligence responsibility.

Govern yourself accordingly.


CHuck Aderson

Apollo M. S. Alam says:

Apology and correction on publication

I am sorry about my earlier comments of 30th March 2006 on the listed emails, kindly remove them from your list, I have received my money. I mistook them for scammers, all publications should be corrected.
chuckandersons@yahoo .ca


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