Waiters Use Customer's Card While He's Still In The Restaurant

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There have been plenty of stories about waiters stealing credit card numbers with skimmer devices, but over in Shanghai, a pair of waiters couldn’t even go through that much trouble. After picking up one diner’s credit card, they immediately went next door and ordered $3,000 worth of mobile phones. This set off a bit of a well-placed alarm with the credit card company – who called him up to verify the purchase. The waiters were quickly arrested. The article has the understatement of the week: “The pair never intended to be waiters for long.” No! Really?

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Comments on “Waiters Use Customer's Card While He's Still In The Restaurant”

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dorpus says:

This is why you shouldn't use credit cards

In that part of the world, there is much cultural resistance to the use of credit cards, because people have an image of debt-collecting thugs who come to beat up debtors. Articles like this serve to perpetuate the stereotypes associated with “borrowing money”, which is probably not obvious from this article.

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