Gmail Invites Flood The Market, Prices Crash

from the how-do-you-feel-now dept

When we first heard that people were actually paying good money to get themselves a soon-to-be-free Gmail account, we couldn’t believe it. Who would pay for a free email account? Apparently, the answer is a lot of people. Either way, this week Gmail started giving out plenty of new invites, which has flooded the market and devalued the price. Still, it makes you wonder how those who spent hundreds of dollars on a simple email account feel now. Either way, it appears that Google is now a big fan of the “velvet rope” method of building buzz. Having set up both Orkut and Gmail with the “invite only” method of getting in, they’ve made them seem even more appealing. It won’t be long before every other company tries the same sort of thing – though, it probably won’t work nearly as well.

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Comments on “Gmail Invites Flood The Market, Prices Crash”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Just imagine what I could do with 1Gb of spam!

Or if I’m luckiy enough to get myself added to someone’s Outlook addressbook (by simply Emailing them!) then I can get blamed for the spam sent out by the trojan on THEIR computer!

I’m getting excited at the very thought, so much capacity, so much USELESS capacity.

How long before someone writes a way to use this 1Gb of free Email storage to host pr0n sites?

Jon (user link) says:

Re: Gmail

I’ve got a few invites left. If you can fufill one of these you may be able to snag one:
#1 – Sign up my conga lines on my forum (Fresh, only 2 posts so far)
#2 – Provide me with a non-registered, steam ready Counter Strike: Condition Zero cd-key (must test before deal)
#3 – Register and make 5, quality, posts in my forum
After you finish one of these PM me in my forum. My forum:

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