Beyond Hardcore Gamers: Kids, Women, the Middle-Aged

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There’s no shortage of articles on the video game industry targeting non-gamers (usually women) as the next new market for games. But you’d think that the industry might want to avoid calling their new target market “bored housewives” even if it’s in jest. Looking beyond the “bored housewives” market, though, the next target for video games may be therapeutic games for kids and the middle-aged. Really just a subset of educational games, therapeutic games can train people to overcome their fears, relax from stress, or teach kids to cope with their ADD — and are probably a bit more lucrative than learning how to touchtype.

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Comments on “Beyond Hardcore Gamers: Kids, Women, the Middle-Aged”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

What about non-marriage-minded women?

The gamer geek in the USA may harbor fantasies of Japanese women who are supposedly submissive, traditional, and marriage-minded. However, real Japanese women today are the most anti-marriage women in the world.

Maybe the submissive women of the USA will follow Japan’s lead, and we will see a new generation of American women who do the unthinkable, of not being interested in marriage or family. They would make excellent gaming customers. Why not make games about “liberating” their married friends from a bad marriage, or games that have a happy ending where the woman stays single?

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