Mobile Interruptions: Good When For You, Bad When For Others

from the stress-and-the-mobile-phone dept

A new study on mobile gadget etiquette and stress levels seems to have concluded that people feel they need to be connected all the time, and get stressed out when they feel they’re cut off from their wireless IV drip (addiction symptoms, anyone?), but at the same time, they feel it’s incredibly rude for someone else to interrupt them with a mobile phone call or use their wireless connection during a meeting. In other words, similar to the way many people feel about driving-while-yakking, it’s okay when you do it, but terrible when anyone else around you does it.

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Comments on “Mobile Interruptions: Good When For You, Bad When For Others”

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1 Comment
Chomper says:

No Subject Given

Personally, I don’t mind when people are talking on a phone, it’s just when they gotta scream at the top of their lungs when they answer the damn thing. It’s as if they are total idiots when it comes to etiquette.

And yes people who drive while talking on cellphones are dangerous, not just nuisances.

All in all, i think people just need to relax a little. Unless your a doctor or in some sort of emergency occupation, I think we can get away for a little bit.

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