$218 Movie Costs $400,000 For Music Rights

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John submits this fascinating article about a movie that’s winning rave reviews at the Cannes film festival. It was made by one guy, basically over the past twenty years of his life just documenting his troubled life. It really sounds quite fascinating – but that has little to do with what we post about here. What’s interesting in this story is that the cost of all the video tape used to make the movie was a whopping $218. However, in order to get the rights to the music he wants for the film, the cost of making the film is shooting up to $400,000. Seems just a bit out of proportion.

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Comments on “$218 Movie Costs $400,000 For Music Rights”

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John Dowdell (user link) says:

check pricing

If he wanted to wear certain clothes, or drive in a certain car, or eat in a certain restaurant, it could cost more than the tape, too.

Fortunately it’s easier to make your own music without buying the stuff they want to sell you, than it is to make your own fashion, automobiles, penthouse hotel rooms, and what-all….

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