MMS Is Not An Upgrade From SMS

When people were first talking about MMS, I ended up getting into a huge argument with someone who believed everyone would move up from sending SMS messages to MMS. The problem is that MMS is not an upgrade from SMS (thanks to picturephoning for the link). MMS is useful for very different reasons than SMS. SMS is useful for sending text messages, which is a very efficient and useful way to communicate. Most people don’t need to send images or animations or sound to someone if they’re just trying to communicate a basic message. Text does the trick. It’s efficient and easy. That’s why we all still use email. MMS is useful – but it’s useful for different types of activities, and it’s important that people realize the two types of messaging are quite different. Thus, it’s absolutely no surprise that many people haven’t been using MMS or don’t see any reason to. No one’s given them any reason to and SMS works just fine for what they’re doing.

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