Valenti Angry With Tarantino, Wants To Sue File Sharers

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How about a celebrity boxing match between Quentin Tarantino and Jack Valenti? Last week Tarantino spoke at an “anti-piracy” conference and made the case that movie piracy isn’t so bad in many cases. However, by not sticking to the script, Tarantino has apparently upset MPAA head Jack Valenti. It’s a little unclear what was said, but from the article linked here, it sounds like Valenti was threatening Tarantino. He tells him that it’s time to “get on-board” with the industry’s anti-piracy efforts. However, there doesn’t appear to be an “or else,” which certainly makes it sound like quite the idle threat. However, he’s also threatening file sharers, and is basically admitting that the MPAA is likely to follow in the RIAA’s footsteps and start directly suing end users. Valenti warns: “Suppose you can [download] a movie in five minutes, piracy will explode like a pandemic.” Mr. Valenti’s track record in such predictions isn’t so hot. After all, he’s the guy who predicted the VCR would kill the movie industry just before it (oh, that’s right) saved the industry.

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