Political Spam Ramping Up For Election Season

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For the last few years, as elections get closer, we start hearing more and more stories about politicians stupidly spamming voters. Declan McCullough has an article about a Libertarian presidential candidate spamming voters. After being asked about it, the campaign apologized and said it was a mistake. You have to wonder, though. A few of the campaigns for the California gubernatorial race last year spammed, and then apologized when confronted. It seems like the policy is spam first, apologize later. Either way, it shows just how out of touch these politicians are, and why they don’t deserve a vote.

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Comments on “Political Spam Ramping Up For Election Season”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

UseNet Spam, too

Someone is spamming UseNet newsgroups claiming to represent the Nader campaign and then sending fake apologies claiming to come from the real Nader campaign. This is going on over and over.

Try going to any random UseNet group via Google Groups and do a search for Nader and you’ll find many, many messages that are completely off topic for that group and are repeated across almost all news groups.

Obviously in this case it’s someone trying to smear the Nader campaign and so far they seem to have convinced quite a few people to not vote for Nader.

thecaptain says:

Re: UseNet Spam, too

Yep. Spam has become so ubiquitous and so annoying that inverse-spamming (ie: spamming FOR a competitor so they get the negative feedback) is now common place.

Not only that, but it gives REAL spamming companies an out.

“No sir. I apologize, but we did not send out a spam for our inkjet cartridges…its a competitor trying to drive me out of business…however, the email WAS accurate, we do have that great special..would you like to order?”

People suck.

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