While Sony Tries To Become Apple, Samsung Tries To Become Sony

from the one-step-behind.. dept

Has anyone noticed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell Samsung from Sony? It appears that almost everything Sony does, Samsung does as well. So, it’s really no surprise that a little over a month after Sony announced plans to build out retail stores more for advertising than for sales, Samsung plans to do the same thing. Of course, while Sony says they’re more interested in using the stores for advertising, Samsung has gone one step further. They believe so strongly that this “store” is just for advertising that they won’t sell you anything at the store. It’s for showcasing products only. Also, a random note in the article, but the same week that Sony and Nintendo announced their plans for their next generation handheld gaming devices, this article also mentions that Samsung is planning for its own N-Gage like phone/gaming device. Apparently, the dismal failure of the N-Gage isn’t enough to scare them off.

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