Napster Tells University To Shut Up About Fees

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Last year when Napster convinced Penn State to offer their service to students, they spent a lot of effort hyping up that this was “free!” for students. Of course, most students are smart enough to know better and realize that the university was simply taking the fees out of money that could be used elsewhere – perhaps in much more useful ways. So, now, when Ohio University started considering doing a similar deal with Napster, they figured it was only fair to ask the students if they were willing to pay $3/month for the service, claiming that they would need 5,000 students paying $3/month to break even. Publicly admitting that (gasp!) Napster was going to charge them was a big no-no for the folks at Napster who have told the university they cannot publicly say how much students would be charged, because obviously it’s better to hide that fee in some other student fees so they can pretend it’s free.

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