Microsoft No Longer Into Trustworthy Computing By Any Name

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Remember a couple years ago when “Trustworthy Computing” was going to be the major focus of Microsoft going forward? A few months later they officially announced their plans for Palladium – which was designed to be their trustworthy computing platform. The only problem was that the details scared quite a few people. Following all those complaints, Microsoft tried to play down the concept by renaming it to the impossible to remember Next-Generation Secure Computing Base guaranteeing that most average folks would skip over any news article about it, assuming it was way too techie for them to care. However, now, it turns out that they’ve decided to kill the entire NGSCB program altogether. They’ll probably still use some of it in Longhorn, but it’s no longer a major initiative. Update: Oh wait, there it is. John writes in to point out that Microsoft is now denying the original story, despite plenty of quotes from a Microsoft exec.

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Comments on “Microsoft No Longer Into Trustworthy Computing By Any Name”

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Mark says:

trustworthy computing

Microsoft’s only interest in trustworthy computing was as a sales initiative. If they looked at their numbers and saw no sales spike resulting from the slogan, they’d kill it immediately. My guess is that’s just what happened: they didn’t see a sales benefit from the PR initiative (which so far is all Trustworthy Computing amounted to), and so they’ve changed their messaging. SOP, and that’s the way it will remain in Redmond until the day the company goes under.

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