Is Google The Second Coming Of Apple?

from the do-those-ideals-work... dept

There’s been way too much press coverage surrounding the whole Google IPO “event.” I’ve been trying to avoid most of it, unless it really has something new or interesting to say. The Baltimore Sun, though, makes the comparison between Google now and Apple in the 80s. The companies do have similar devoted fans, and the article suggests that the Google IPO filing is the equivalent of Apple’s 1984 ad. This seems a bit unfortunate – as the Apple ad meant the beginning of a new world of useful personal computers – and the Google IPO doesn’t seem to mean the beginning of much at all. However, the article does point out the similarities between the idealistic “we’re different, and we’re changing the world” statements made by Steve Jobs in the 80’s and Larry Page last week. Things never quite worked out the way Jobs predicted, so hopefully Google’s results are a bit better.

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