India And Colorado To Introduce Brain Fingerprinting

from the but-does-it-really-work? dept

dr2tom (from the DaVinci Institute) writes “The government of India signed a contract this week to use Brain Fingerprinting technology in its criminal justice system. Invented by Seattle-based Dr. Lawrence Farwell, brain fingerprinting uses a headband with sensors measuring brain waves to determine whether certain information is stored in a person’s memory. For example, if a picture of a murder scene is shown to a crime suspect, brain-wave measurements might indicate familiarity with the image. Working with the Colorado-based DaVinci Institute, the company said it would like to build a national training center in Colorado.” We’ve written about brain fingerprinting many times before, and it’s highly controversial, with those who are against it pointing out the many problems with the current research on the subject. While there’s been a lot of press about the topic, it still seems worthwhile to remain skeptical about how well this technology works.

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Comments on “India And Colorado To Introduce Brain Fingerprinting”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Digital Snake Oil ...

Lie detectors do not work and I highly doubt this quack technology will work any better.

I could have a memory from a movie of a crime scene and seeing a picture of a similar one might invoke the same response. Did I commit the crime ? No.

Can we outsource the people we deem criminals to India ?

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