Not Many Redemptions Of Pepsi iTunes Songs

from the throw-out-the-caps dept

I don’t think this is all that surprising, but for all the hype around Apple’s deal with Pepsi to give away “free” iTunes songs with a winning Pepsi cap, only about 5% of the winning caps have been redeemed. I’d imagine that most people don’t even notice the caps, while a good portion of those who do notice it don’t care, don’t use iTunes or don’t want to bother. From both Apple and Pepsi’s standpoint it seems like a wonderful giveaway. They get to promote huge numbers of giveaways – but only have to pay for a few.

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Comments on “Not Many Redemptions Of Pepsi iTunes Songs”

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Jon Gales (user link) says:

And I got flack

I got so many emails about how I was going to ruin Apple/Pepsi by posting the little article that could. I kept saying that most people weren’t going to cash in. In it I assumed that 1/3 of the caps were going to be cashed in–a far cry for 1/20! But it’s neat to be “responsible” for a major portion of the winners :).

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Not worth the time ...

Oh yeah …

I’m going to go to a Pepsi sponsored website, waste 15 minutes signing up for ITunes WHILE conveniently providing Apple ( who will invariably share data ) with the RIAA my full name, address, & everything else the RIAA needs to institute a lawsuit against me.

All for a ” free ” song ?

It’s much easier, safer & invariably a wider selection to continue using Kazaa & Morpheus.

It’s the same thing with Coke and some promotion where you have to go to a website, provide everything but the amount you spend a month on Pr0n all to just ” see ” if you ” might ” have won something.

Keep the ” prizes ” … sell the product for a reasonable rate.

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