Corporate Email Is Expensive Thanks To Data Retention Laws

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While we’ve all heard stories of companies getting burned by informal internal emails that say something that looks terrible when it shows up in court years later, the various requirements for companies to store old emails is proving to be quite expensive. Certainly, the cost of not complying with the regulations can be quite costly as well, but just managing so much email – and finding the appropriate emails – is proving to be a tremendous added expense for some companies. This article makes me wonder if Google shouldn’t look to offer an enterprise version of their Gmail system. Already, Google sells a box that companies can use to search their internal corporate network – so, why not offer a similar enterprise email offering. That way, searching and sorting through tremendous amounts of email is likely to be much less burdensome. Still, you have to wonder if all these stories of emails coming back to haunt people will drive certain executives to move to other channels of communication that aren’t recorded – whether it’s outside email accounts, instant messaging, or just simply talking on the phone or face to face.

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