Diebold Knew They Broke The Law With Uncertified Voting Machines

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Every time I read another article about Diebold, you wonder what’s really going on at the company. They clearly seem to be living in their own little reality where they simply ignore the very important questions people are starting to ask about their voting machines. I wonder how anyone in their right mind could use a Diebold voting machine after these fiascoes. Despite plenty of questions concerning their voting machines over the past few months, Diebold didn’t do anything differently and knowingly broke their contract (and the law) with Alameda county by using uncertified software. Diebold’s lawyers tried to get them around this by suggesting they claim that the software was “experimental” rather than “uncertified.” Despite being clearly told not to do this, Diebold went ahead and used the uncertified and barely tested software which was rushed onto machines for the primary elections in California last month. Even worse, when an employee spoke up to point out that there was poor quality control and an aspect of the voting system was likely to fail, he was quickly fired. When you put together all of the information compiled over the last year concerning Diebold’s voting machines, their inability to comprehend why people are upset, and what looks like their outright violation of the law, why would anyone agree to use such a machine during an election?

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Comments on “Diebold Knew They Broke The Law With Uncertified Voting Machines”

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Cyke says:

Re: Re: Hmmm,

Problem is, it doesn’t matter how we scream…nothing happens. With their track record Diebold machines should be outlawed in all counties of all states just out of principal. I just don’t understand. Every citizen I know, whatever party they are, wants to have a paper trail as we begin to use this new technology. Does anyone else but me feel like they are a patsy being set up?

eskayp says:

Diebold e-vote fraud

Diebold IS living in another reality.
The the reality is that their man is in the Oval Office and will cover their misdeeds while they do everything they possibly can to reelect G. Dubyah Bush to a second term.
Just as Diebold’s CEO promised earlier.
Just as the 2000 election was mishandled.
Just get used to it.
Quid pro quo…
I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
And most voters will never realize what really happened.

nittacci says:

Re: Diebold e-vote fraud

Not only does Diebold know it can act with impunity, but I’m sure they also realize the tremendous power they accrue by becoming the gatekeepers of our election systems. They could have at least have also had a liberal-owned company involved, so there would have been some element of corporate competition involved in our government.
Once again, we have a desperate discussion taking place, warning of the dangers involved, while those in power march along oblivious, doing what they were going to do all along (see Iraq War).

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