The Modern Era's Dewey Defeats Truman… Via The Apprentice

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Maybe it’s a sign of the times or a sign of the technology… or maybe someone just pushed the wrong story live. However, in a web-based modern update of Dewey defeating Truman, USA Today is getting some flak for publishing a story saying the losing candidate won The Apprentice finale last night. We’ve seen similar things with obituaries of still living celebrities showing up in newspapers. It does raise some questions about the process by which newspapers “pre-write” certain stories and what sort of approval process/workflow they need to push them live. Such is life in the world of one-click publishing – where you also have the ability to do a one-click delete… and hope that no one spotted your mistake, made a copy and alerted Reuters.

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Comments on “The Modern Era's Dewey Defeats Truman… Via The Apprentice”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Actually you are right about Gore vs. Bush.

Florida was at first called for Gore, then reversed and called for Bush, then the networks backed off and left it “yellow” or undecided.

(independent press recounts later proved that Bush did indeed win if a recount was done for the entire state).

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