Naming Difficulties For Gaming Device

from the um...-wait-a-second... dept

Well, this is just bizarre. Tiger Telematics has been working on a handheld gaming device called the Gametrac for a while now. While it hasn’t received as much publicity as things like Sony’s upcoming gaming handheld, Nokia’s N-Gage or even Tapwave’s Zodiac, it certainly hasn’t been unknown. However, it looks like there was some legal skirmish over the name “Gametrac” and they’ve changed it to… Gizmondo. Um… Wait a second… Gizmondo sounds an awful lot like Gizmodo, the gadget website. If they thought they had naming problems with Gametrac, you would think they’d look around at similar names for their new device also. Though, come to think of it, Gizmodo’s competitor Engadget sounds sort of like “N-Gage.” Maybe it’s a trend: having gaming devices and gadget blogs named after each other. Now, where are the lawsuits?

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