Directional WiFi Router To Stop Snooping?

This seems like an insanely weak form of “security” and I wouldn’t rely on it, but it’s still interesting to see how different companies try to solve the “WiFi freeloader” security question. Iogear is now offering a WiFi router that they claim will keep out snooping neighbors by including a directional antenna so that you can point your WiFi router directly where your desk is, making it more difficult (in theory) for those not in the general direction of your desk to jump on your router. While it’s true that it could limit some snooping it’s hardly foolproof, and seems more like a “security through obscurity” type of prevention. It seems like there are plenty of other, much more reasonable methods of securing your access point. Derek: Funny to think that if the freeloader also bought a directional antenna, he could increase the signal gain, and probably re-connect.

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