Here Comes N-Gage, Part II

Well, as expected, despite a launch party every other month for about a year, the initial version of the Nokia N-Gage flopped pretty badly. So, here comes try number two. They’ve solved the biggest, most obvious flaws of the original N-Gage: making it easier to use as a phone (no more “sidetalking”), made it easier to swap out games (no more needing to remove the battery) and finally took advantage of existing channels (it will be available via wireless carriers). They also claim that many more games are coming out. Of course, these are probably all things they should have dealt with in the initial release. Still, the big question remains: do people care that much? Most people are still buying a phone to be a phone first and something else later. If looked at solely as a gaming device, it doesn’t have that much to offer against the competition.

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