But What If I Don't Want To Search The Whole Web?

from the ah,-back-into-the-darknets dept

Last month we wrote about how different the internet experience would be when (if) major search engines were able to better search the “dark” or “deep” web of information not normally available to search engines. Mostly, these are databases with their own front end search mechanisms. In the meantime, though, specialty search engines are popping up in areas such as scientific searches, to try to help those who are looking for something in a specific field – but who don’t want to search the entire internet. Of course, you wonder how long it will take for the Googles and Yahoos of the world to start offering similar functionality. In some ways, they already have, with their news searches, product searches and even the beta test for Google’s personalized search. It’s clearly not their yet, but it may be difficult for specialized search engines to avoid getting swept up in the overall search battle.

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Comments on “But What If I Don't Want To Search The Whole Web?”

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EP (user link) says:

Specialization is inevitable

I think you’ve made cogent observations here.
In business we should remember that brand specialization is inevitable, as is divergence. Mint flavored, low sodium, flouride toothpaste with whiteners!
I would fully expect to see specialty search engines arise; the major SE’s may compete, but it becomes a brand problem then. They could launch separate brands for specialty searches, but it seems this is often a very hard choice for big players to make, other than in consumer goods where it is known and studied business logic.
I would invest in the right specialty search engine…

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