All This Buzz Certainly Sounds Familiar

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People are beginning to notice. There have been lots of little signs creeping up on everyone, and suddenly you look around and it feels like Silicon Valley is booming again. Companies are doing well. There’s lots of hype – and where there’s hype, there’s venture capital cash. Of course, this time around everyone claims they’ve learned their lessons from 1999, but just wait and see what a few hot IPOs will do to selectively erase some memories.

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Comments on “All This Buzz Certainly Sounds Familiar”

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dorpus says:

New Money City

Unlike previous boom towns, people who work in the valley aren’t planning to stay there. The valley has had a sterile, communityless lifestyle going for decades now, with its lopsided demographic of young programmer types. A sterile landscape of square two-storey buildings and brown grass, its monuments include the new highway interchange at 101 and the seasonal christmas re-enactment park with plastic statues of santa clause.

dorpus says:

Oh and

people in northern california have a silly belief that air conditioning is “evil”, so most buildings in the valley don’t have it. In the summer, you can look forward to working in computer-warmed office cubicles, or taking a break by walking into stores that are the same temperature as the outside. It is uncomfortable, but people in the valley, being competitive by spirit, will insist the temperature is “fine”.

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