Maybe The Driverless Car Isn't So Far-Fetched After All

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We just had a story about the potential for the driverless car, and all the carmakers quoted claimed they had no desire to move in that direction. Others, however, seem to have no problem pushing towards such a world. Aisin World Corp. is working on a next generation navigation system, called the navi-matic that not only tells the driver where they should be heading, but also takes control over some of the engine functions – such as choosing which gear the car should be in, based on road conditions and expected turns. They point to the trend of this sort of feature creep where the various telematics systems are taking over more and more driver functions. The article also quotes an exec from auto supply firm Denso saying: “The technology exists to let the car drive itself.” Now, the question is whether or not consumers actually want such a vehicle.

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