Justice Department Nastygrams About Online Casino Ads

from the mystery-solved dept

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Last week, Google and Yahoo abruptly announced plans to stop accepting advertising from online casinos. They insisted that the timing of the announcements on the same day was coincidental, but that didn’t make sense at all. Now, we find out that last week the Justice Department sent nastygrams to plenty of companies warning them that they could be breaking the law by accepting online casino ads. This still seems questionable, considering that the online casinos are perfectly legal in the nations where they are based – and the recent WTO ruling suggesting the US actions against offshore casinos may violate their accords. Of course, the US government doesn’t have the greatest track record in paying attention to international agreements anyway. So, it appears that the Justice Department is spending an awful lot of time and money trying to fight against gambling and porn – two things that seem like they should be the personal decisions of those involved. Aren’t there more important crimes they should be trying to stop?

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