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How Much Would You Pay For Mesothelioma?

from the silly-search-engine-ad-pricing dept

One odd thing I’ve noticed on many content pages running Google ads is the number of times I come across random ads for lawyers looking to pick up patients who have some sort of disease – often for class action suits. It seems that there’s a huge bidding war by lawyers looking to pick up clients – to the point that some single clicks on a search for “mesothelioma” are now costing firms $100 each. Mesothelioma, it turns out, is a disease often caused by asbestos exposure – and for lawyers, it’s pure gold. Still, you have to wonder how many of those clicks are actual leads. Besides, now that people know this, expect content sites to start gaming the system. For example, how many blogs that use Google’s AdSense will now be sure to write about this story in hopes of getting just such an ad and getting their share of the $100 clickthroughs?

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Comments on “How Much Would You Pay For Mesothelioma?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Building Codes

A long time ago, building codes permitted the use of Asbestos in building materials.

Then the codes changed. Somehow, the builders were immediately responsible for ripping out the old insulation and replacing it, and/or targets of a huge number of lawsuits.

Were I in the business of building anything bigger than a doghouse, I would close my business every single time the building code changed with respect to materials permitted, and reopen a new one, just to hopefully stay ahead of the pointless and stupid lawsuits Americans launch as a means to feel better about being the victim of bad luck.

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