Net Detective Can't Find It's Own Happy Customers

from the sounds-useless dept

Assuming you spend enough time on the internet, you’ve probably come across (and ignored) hundreds, if not thousands, of ads for Net Detective. The software is often advertised via spam and pop-ups as a way to track down information “on anyone!!!”. Tech columnist Mike Wendland decided to give the product a shot, and discovered what you probably already knew: it’s a complete waste of money. In fact, the software can’t even find any information on the people they quote as its “happy customers.” About the only info it could find on anyone was the exact same info that’s available for free in various online phone directories. For more detailed info, it just points people to the websites of free databases.

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Comments on “Net Detective Can't Find It's Own Happy Customers”

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thecaptain says:


A spam product that’s a rip-off? My god!!! Perish the thought!

That was a pretty funny article. My first thought was that the people in the ad were totally fake (hence there was no info to find)…but never ascribe to maliciousness what can easily be explained as stupidity…it may just be that their software is useless.

I’m guessing its both…

The sad thing is they did get 29 bucks from someone…

Prestina Debraux says:

Net Detective

I ordered the product expecting to get what they offered but only what you could find on the net for free through the phone book. Then they get you by asking you to sign up for Net Detective Plus for a monthly fee and then you can get all of the information. Now I stupidly signed up for free to be an affiliate to sell products of theirs – right before I saw the article on their rip off. Can’t wait to see what they want me to do for them for commission now? I’m done with them. Too bad I didn’t see this article before I purchased Net Detective. Glad I didn’t fall sucker for the Net Detective Plus. Deluded here in California.

Catherine says:

What a rip-off! Despite all the glowing reports from “unbiased” 3rd parties (which I’m now 100% sure were planted by Net Detective) all they provided was LESS than I could find out by myself. And you only know this after they have your $29. To find out any “real” information, you have to pay a monthly fee. And the link to cancel my subscription doesn’t work! Now I have to go through my bank; hopefully they will help me get my money back.

Joe (user link) says:

A Complete Sham!

As of last week I purchased Net Detective against my better judgement. I had actually downloaded an older version years ago from a news group and it turned out to be nothing then, just as it is today.

I am now in the process of requesting a refund b/c they DO NOT deliver on what they promised. You’re better off searching the white pages if you’re looking for someone. I was very disappointed.

Hopefully I will get my money back.

m says:

Net Detective

PLEASE. ANYONE EVEN CONSIDERING PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, READ THESE REVIEWS FIRST. This is a total scam. Here is what happened to me and probably everyon. I bought the basic service for $29. BUt the screen tells you that the registration did not work so you have to call them. Then they say, the registration worked fine, but for your trouble they will give you a discount on their plus product for a period of time and then it is only $29. What they did not tell me was that it weas $29 per month. Thankfully I did not buy it , but many do and they pay out the nose. Then if you want to cancel, that is the fun part. You have to fill out a 5 page document and mail or fax it in. In other words you can buy it in a matter of seconds but to cancel and get a refund, you are looking a a huge amount of time and a great deal of trouble. These people are trouble. And they know it. When I realized I had gotten scammed the customer service lady basically just laughed at me because she has heard the same complaints so many times. Watch out. PLEASE>

Vickie Johansson says:

I'm not even listed!!

I have lived in a small town in Eastern WA forever, I am listed in the phone book and when I put my own name in it said they can’t find me. I wish they would have been the bounty hunters that we looking for me for an old failure to appear! I could have called them and gave directions to my house and would have still been safe. What a joke!!

Josh says:

Net Detective is

I thought I was being a smart consumer and did a search on “Net Detective review” and found several articles (obviously fakes) that touted this great service. I wish I had done a search on “Net Detective rip off” first. Anyway once you get in the site after they take your 29 bucks there is not even a link to do a background or credit check on anyone. Just a name search by state that then directs you to other pay sites to get any more information. Save your money, time and some agravation. I called to get my money back and they e-mailed me a link to the form (same as above) you need to fill out the form and send it back via snail mail. I am doing that it did not take too long about 5 or 10 min but will also dispute the charge with my credit card company. Stay away from Net Detective, it does not give you anything, and do not pay for the monthly service, lord only knows what virtual hell holes that will take you into.

Jorge says:

Net Detective Get OUT!!!

I needed some information so unfortunately got this site. I subscribed and after receiving login;password I just could not access the site. Immediatelly I cancelled my credit card but at this time I just had FOUR charges of U$ 29,00!!
If has anybody who could help me telling me how I could have this money back, I would appreciate! Thanks

Scot says:

Net Detective-internet scam

NetDetective does not provide any info that isn’t already free on the web and public sources. They use the “” link ruse on Google as an unfair way to promote their “products” as reputable and lead you to believe youre buying access to a service beyond what is already available online for free. Also not appreciated is the deluge of Harris Digital Publications related spam now continually dumping on my email site. I cancelled my credit card immediately and flagged the Harris Digital Pub. site on my account as consumer fraud.

rid0617 says:


This product is a total ripoff. I fell for one of the consumer type recommendation sites and realized the product is a total ripoff that couldn’t even find me even though I am listed in the phone book. After reading all the reports on that this company makes multiple charges on your credit card I canceled my card, have filed a complaint with the FTC and Volusia County Sheriffs Dept. BBB is a waste of time. No one uses them and if the business your complaining about is a member in good standing good luck getting it listed.

sucker says:

I thought I was savvy.

Please keep this site alive. I got suckered into using Net Detective because of all of the bogus review sites they have to make you believe they’re legit. This site was on the third page of a Google search “Net Detective Review”…the first two pages were full of bogus review sites. Here’s to hoping this makes the first page.

bailey says:

net detective

This product is absolute crap. In testing it on known subjects, the information it provided (which was sparse) was 100% innacurate. Trying to find other individuals (the reason for purchasing this in the 1st place) produced NO RESULTS! I received far more information on individuals using standard search engines and data bases, which net detective frequently referred me to. I’m sorry I did not research this company before spending my money. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

Beverly says:

Net Detective

I purchased this and paid $29.00 for three years. After I proceeded to do a search, they wanted an additional $10.00 for each search. Now, I cannot even access my account. They Block your password and email. I am going to back charge the amount I paid on my credit card. Everyone who purchased this service should do the same thing. Call your credit card company and they will send you a form to fill out. Also, please do not use any of these companies. They are all frauds and scams. Intellius is the worst of them all.

Josh says:

Net Detective

I found the same articles saying that this was the only site worth using. I’m not sure if it’s because I had just woken up and was still a little out of it or what, but I went ahead and signed up. I started getting nervous when I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail so naturally I started searching for “Net Detective Scam” and ran across this article. Even after reading all the reviews I was still curious so I called customer support to see why I hadn’t received my login credentials. The lady told me that my order didn’t go through but she could help me set up an account over the phone. I told her that I would just give it another shot online and she yielded. Now I’m just nervous that my order did actually go through and in a couple of days I’m going to see the charges appear on my statement. Hopefully not…

tomartomartini (user link) says:

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my suggestion when using these type of sites is to look

at how extensive the site is in its range of service the

more the better.

thanks for the warning on net detective

Mike says:

Net Detective

I was skeptical and contemplated purchasing Net Detective for months. I thought for $29. this is to good to be true. I am very disappointed and sorry I purchased Net Detective. I am currently in the process of charging back my money with my credit card company. I learned too late. The comments above sum things up pretty well for me, take heed.

Ben says:

Rip Off

Same as above. In the process of getting a refund. Add this to your reply to them:


Please cancel the following account with a full money back guarantee of $29.00

Here is the money back guarantee …

“90-Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for Net Detective Standard. However, we do ask that you give us the chance to help you find what you were looking for! Please contact us via phone, fax, or email for more information.”

HD Publishing Group
1392 S. Woodland Blvd.
DeLand, FL 32720
Fax: 386.736.3882
Phone: 386.736.3881
Hours of Operation
Mon. – Fri.: 9am – 8pm ET
Sat. & Sun.: 9am – 5pm ET

Sheila says:


I signed up after I saw they had a perfect match to the person I was looking for, right name, birth date, etc. I should of known better’ After they got my money the code number wouldn’t work after typing new code numbers in, God only knows how many times, the message read, they didn’t have any imformation. I’d been had. I emailed them asking for my account to be canceled a couple of days later. Tonight I check and my user name and password no longer work so I figure they have, tomorrow I’ll call to make sure plus find out how to get my money back. It’s just another form of stealing, I don’t see how they can get away with it. I mean if you don’t have someting how can you say you do get paid for it and then not give a person what they paid for?

katherine says:


Sept 29,2007

Please for anyone considering this website it is a complete scam !!!!! Beware for signing up for the extra report only 10.00 because there is a recurring fee net detective charges [29.00] that they won’t refund!!!Also they are extremely rude
and unprofessional on the phone!!! Whoever is recommending them on the internet is a fraud!!!!The bottom line is the company does not give you anything you could’nt find out from your local County Courthouse!!!I have had to cancel my credit card because they keep charging on my card!!!

katherine says:


Sept 29,2007

Please for anyone considering this website it is a complete scam !!!!! Beware for signing up for the extra report only 10.00 because there is a recurring fee net detective charges [29.00] that they won’t refund!!!Also they are extremely rude
and unprofessional on the phone!!! Whoever is recommending them on the internet is a fraud!!!!The bottom line is the company does not give you anything you could’nt find out from your local County Courthouse!!!I have had to cancel my credit card because they keep charging on my card!!!

Not telling says:

Not sure if you can do this with most places that you find out that they aren’t exactly what they say or not… But I got the package and paid $40 bucks…

Only to find out that all their “databases” are just links to free sites such as whitepages and whatnot, what a waste of time and money…

Anyway, here is what I did, please spread the word. First I contacted them (by email, no phone customer service, go figure), saying I was unsatisfied because I didn’t recieve a name on the report (I will elaborate on this in a second). Then I contacted my bank to cancel the transaction, the lady at my bank, gave me the direct line to the website’s bank.

So, I contacted their bank, clickbank, and spoke with a representitive, told them that i’d like to cancel my order that i made last night (within 24 hours), and she reversed the transaction immediatly. (Remember to get the name of the person you speak with, your bank may need that information later)

Thats what I did, we’ll see if I recieve the money back or not… But anyway here is the deal with
They claim they have databases, which they dont (that is faulty product information right there, and if any of you have money, sue them). They provide you with links to common websites already known by the general public and other search engines such as “whitepages.” You’re not going to gain any unknown information by using other than what you can already access on whitepages. Now, in order for to not be a scam, they might want to start advertising that they can provide you with the materials needed to find information, instead of claiming they have databases with the information themselves. I hope someone with the means nails this company for false advertising.

Hunter says:

Net det

I also purchassed Net det and found it to be a real waste of time and money. I used it for less then 2 hrs and asked for a refund, which they did do. I used other free resourses to find people I was looking for, and had better results. Net det just sends you to another web site all the time and always for a fee. I was truly dissappointed. Don’t waste your money, try and people finder to help you find people you are looking for,,,,


Kay Jay says:

I am bawling my eyes out as I write this. Stay away from Net Detective!!!!!!!!! I just called my credit card company to ask them if they saw a charge for $29 on my card. They said they saw two charges for 29.95. I could barely talk to the customer service rep I was crying so hard. I can’t log into my account. I sent the Net Detective customer support a couple emails. I will attempt to call them tomorrow, but it doesn’t sound like it will go very well. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM NET DETECTIVE. They should go to jail for this. My credit card company said that I have to wait until these charges are posted to my account and then I can put in a request to dispute them because I have fraud protection.

Kay Jay says:

I contacted Net Detective at 386-736-3881 on Feb 10, the same day I realized I got scammed by them. They didn’t ask me why I wanted to cancel my subscription…I’m sure they know. I was pleased to find out, however, that there was only one charge of $29.00 to my account and the other charge for $29.95 was “just to make sure we had the right credit card, so if you continued to use our services, we could bill you that $29.95.” I double checked my up to date credit card statement online, and sure enough, there was only a charge for $29.00. When I called them, they informed me that they had already responded to my email requesting that my account be cancelled. They sent me the necessary paperwork to fill out and mail. So, I’m out a 41 cents, big deal. I will get my $29.00 back. The paper work only took me about 2 minutes to fill out. I’ll post my final report once I get my money back and it’s confirmed that it has been credited to my credit card. Thanks.

Michelle Akers says:

Net Detective is a SCAM

I signed up and they said I could do Net Detective free for 10 days. They charge me immediately ANOTHER 29. I can’t find anything but an address which I can get from ANYWHO. If I put anything else in like a criminal record search, another name, MVR, I just get kicked out. I’ve sent two emails with NO RESPONSE. Help.

Michelle Akers says:

Net Detective is CRAP

I spoke to rep Liz at 386-736-3881. She said she would refnd money. I told her I want an answer why would they market a product that is fraudulant? She said it is not in their disclaimer they state they do not guarantee they will have the information and they do not have everyone in the database. I searched 10 people to see if it would pull info up and it would not. Not even a home address. Most of the time it just kicked me out. She was VERY rude.

Jessa says:

So if none of these sites work, is it completely futile to keep looking for information that can not be found on free websites? I got lured in by intelius people search and they signed me up for some stupid service it took forever to get rid of, but now I’m at a loss for where to look and private investigators are so 1950’s. Glad I didn’t sign up for net-detective, I was about to, but ran a google search for rip offs first.

average joe says:


PI’s are so 1950’s? Are you serious? Private investigators are even more popular today than in black and white tv shows of the 50’s, but it’s today’s uneducated masses that make such comments. It takes only a little bit of research online to find out if a company like this is a scam, but nobody is willing to do that. Instead, they pay up front, fight to get money back, and then say PIs are old school! Classic!

Most of the records listed in Net Detective’s listing are public records, you just need to do research and actually work at something instead of expecting something to be handed over to you immediately after paying a fee.

Your post sums up the mentality of so many people today….willing to shell out hard earned cash for a quick answer….America is full of morons

Got suckered says:

Scumbag scam bast*rds!

I paid the $29.00 and the additional $10.00 for the “Law Enforcement” version. It can’t even find me!

I just sent them an email within 30 minutes of purchasing, telling them I wanted to cancel. I will have the bank dispute the charges tomorrow and block any additional charges from them.

Gawd, I hate ripoff artists!

Greg says:


Net Detective/HD Publishing is a division of the parent company “Custom Care Dot Com Inc” located at 1392 S Woodland Blvd in Deland, FL; telephone number 386-736-3881. Any of the following websites are part of this company and probably use the same scams as Net Detective:

Cyber Detective
Cyber-Detective, Inc
Cyberspace To Paradise Inc
Genealogy Detective 2000
Harris Digital Publishing Group
HD Publishing Group
High Voltage Marketing
Investor Detective
Leeds Publishers
Napster Faster
Net Detective Harris Digital Publishing, Inc
Rousseau Publishing Group
Search Engine Secrets
System Detective
Travel Detective
Turbo Surfer

I got scammed too. Fooled by the recommendation shill site and signed up. Then they asked for an additional $29.00 for the “Premium Service” to do a criminal background check that was supposedly included already in the original signup. When you ask for a refund and they try to make you send in a form via snail mail, refuse. They already have all the information they need to process the refund from the original purchase. Instead of playing their game, go straight to your credit card company and dispute the charge. Mention their unsatisfactory rating by the Better Business Bureau at

I disputed with Visa and was successful. If enough of us take the time to do this and fight back, it will force them to change or go out of business.

Steve Akers says:

Net Detective...Net Scam

About 6 months ago..I fell for their pitch. Only 29.95 for unlimited use for 3 years. Little did I know they would bill me that amount every month(after all, they had my credit card number) and little did I know then I could use a free Google search and find more information about anything. They should be investigated and I’m going to do everything I can to put these crooks out of business. I’ve dealt with a bunch of internet companies that are fair and honest…but Net Detective is not one of them.

Rachel Gold says:


Agreed 100%. I was very disappointed in NetDetective. I also refused their fake services and real charges. I went to the bank and stopped the credit payments. NetDetective did reimburse every penny they charged me, which wasn’t much, but it was the principle involved that they lie about having resources they do not have. They did send me so much garbage in email that I had to spam block them.

None says:

Looks like I got my refund

I fell for this too, paid the $29 and saw straight away that they do not deliver anything they promised.

Within 5 minutes of signing up I called them and did hold of a human, they wanted to give me 2 months of the updrade service for free – I figured that if they did not give you at first what you expect, then this talk is more of a scam, so I said no way, I want to cancel right now and be done with it.

So they emailed me a link to a word document, that they want you to fill in and snail mail to them. I got the form while I was still ont he phone to them and said, I am going to email this to you, there is no reason you need this in the mail. She said I could.

So I filled in the form, they want you to sign it saying you will not use their service (why would you?) while the cancellation is in process. So I just found a free handwriting font for the computer and used that as a signature (looks real enough). So I respond to the email with the word for attached.

Just what? They relied saying: Due to security reasons, we cannot open attachments. – I said so you don’t have anti-virus scanners then? And then just pasted the word doc in the email, saying this is a legitmate copy, you must legally accept this for the refund.

They did. I got a relpy saying they would and an hour later they sent and email saying they had applied the refund or stopped the payment (as I cancelled so quickly) it should never have left my account. I will kepp an eye on my credit card, but looks like I got it cancelled without having to mail the form in (which is obviously a delay tatic for them).

mr x says:

indeed a scam

i signed up for the basic service a month ago. i hope i don’t get the recurring charges. after one session of searching i realized it’s worthless. it is definitely a scam. im thinking of cancelling my card because when I looked at the extra edition terms they already have my card information readily available and just waiting for a quick click to suckered me for more money. this means my card info is probably available to whomever they hire at minimum wage as customer service to sit at home and view my information. at least on the craps table you get a free beer or two and have a little fun. net detective scam leaves you with feeling like a loser.

Anthony says:

Net Detective Scam

Net Detective is a scam. I will be contacting the State of IL Attorney General Internet Consumer Fruad Division and the equivalent angency with the State of FL (their Headquaters). I will also file a complaint with the BBB. They refuse to issue a refund or remedy the problem.

Their data is junk and it’s a bait and switch scam. Their advertsing is misleading.

Judy Moran says:

Cancellation & refund request

On 3-2-09, I signed up for Net Detective, paying with Visa debit card. Did not like their format, couldn’t navigate the screen, couldn’t get any info. I needed. The same day, I requested cancellation & refund of $39.94.Net Detective’s customer support turned out to be in DeLand, Florida. I’ve requested status on that concellation & refund request, repeatedly via e-mail. I actually got someone on the phone at HD Publishing, only to be told they couldn’t find that account anywhere! Now I have to fax actual proof that my account was debited for that amount! They debited my account within 3-5 minutes of my request & now they can’t find my account! Here it is 1 month past the date! Has anyone else had this problem?

Kelly Robinson says:

Net Detective and both promote Net Detective as the best company on the market for finding data, rating it number 1. (Reversephonelookup came in 2nd, I believe). Then I read this forum with REAL consumer reviews!! I wonder if the sites mentioned above were actually created by Net Detective. Anyway, thanks so much to everyone on this site for the REAL DEAL!! I didn’t get duped thanks to you!!

John in FL says:

So glad this site is here

I am looking to do a background screen on myself since I keep getting denied employment even though I am qualified. I have been told I am blacklisted so I suspect that my background has bad info.

I ran into these net detective reviews on the top of my google searches and was like wow this company looks great. But of course, I know about scams so I did a search. some of the fake review sites have very misleading names like consumer-advisory etc and they pay for top links in google.

This is a calculated attempt to defraud people. It seems like a massive enterprise and I can’t believe they would say that law enforcement uses them!! Although it wouldn’t surprise one bit if cops did use them to get info on people.

Thanks to this community, I saved my money. I’d like to know where I can do a background check tho. I don’t have the time or resources to do it myself, and besides, I want to see what an outsider to my life would see in one of these background checks.

Someone says:


I found a License plate search web page via Google. I signed up and it was Net detective. then for ONLY $10 MORE, I signed up for Net Detective Plus.. four days later I was charged ANOTHER $30 for NDP !!! I am currently in the process of conatcting the BBB of Central FLorida to get my money back because they don’t want to refund me the $30 for NDP. I’m in for a fight, and I WILL get my money back. !!! Any questions, or if you need info contact me at xfallenanjelx at gmail dot com.

Patricia R DuMond says:

Net Detective a Scam

Another sucker here. I researched all the “find somebody” web sites and came across a web page set up by a “woman who is a Navy wife who wants to help the public”. I fell for it and coughed up $30 for absolutely nothing that I couldn’t already find by myself on-line which wasn’t much. I was so p___ed when they wanted another $30 to “upgrade” to “the good stuff”. I don’t know what you get for the upgrade as I wasn’t stupid enough to give them any more money.

Richard Dietzel says:

Net Detective

These guys also run “The Privacy Council” that promises to put you on Do Not Call lists, etc., but from their privacy policy –
This is the Privacy Policy for the site located at (the “Site”)… The Operator will respond to all inquiries about the Site’s policies concerning the collection and use of information Aggregation of Information. We may aggregate the personal information of users with the information of others, and incorporate it into our people search databses and we may use and disclose such information for any purpose.
Questions. For questions about the operation of this Site or other matters, please contact the Operator at

Debbie Brannon says:

net detective sux

Do not waste your money. After falling prey to the hype that you “can get the scoop on anyone!”, the info I hoped to gain on my brother only provided me with the same 8 YEAR OLD OUTDATED INFORMATION I already had. As a test, I entered the names of friends for whom I had current information and WHAD’YA KNOW! That info is also woefully outdated. Keep your money and your credit cards in your pocket and pass on this rip-off.

Frank M. says:

i got scammed

I just ordered this garbage..complete BS!!!!!!!…and then decided to google net detective rip off to see what pops up. A sucker is born every day i guess. I sent them an email for money reimbursed and to cancel account. i will call my CC company as soon as they open and report the fraud and stop/reimburse charges hopefully.

Daniel F. Cushing says:

net detective

It’s a fraud. You can get better information from a variety of sites that net detective does not saerch. It has changed over the years. When first started it could hook you to a number of data bases of some value. Now it only trys to lure you to other services for a fee. Seems like it should have run its course and folded, must be a lot of fools out there that will syill pay for terrible service. No refunds should be the key to saty out.

another one bites the dust! says:

Net Detective-Total SCAM!!!

License Plate Hunter a.k.a. Net Detective takes your $$$
without allowing you to successfully log in after serval attempts and sending you in circles to seek help from for customer service or vendor E-mail ( are of no help to log in in order to obtain the information you PAID for. After 6 hours of unsuccessfully trying to get help and login, I found this web site and realized I have been scammed; hopefully, the next person will read these E-mail warnings and save their $$$.
Good Luck.

Remacno says: garbage!

I have seen many people that I deal with at work sign up for this company and at request, several times, no matter what time of day, I contact the merchant. Every time, I get the message saying leave my name and number and they will contact me back. Their website gives no information on how to cancel your membership. If you are stupid enough to sign up for this, cancel your debit card, you will not see a penny back! Thanks, and have a great day!

Remacno says: garbage!

Note: Most of the information you need you can find online for free. All you really need to know is the name and the city or state if not both and search public records. If you are trying to check criminal record, all public court documents are actually available to the public if you know where to work. Also, I work for a bank and, take my advise, you will want to cancel your card because you will not get them to cancel your membership. They don’t have a viable customer service number, you can not get an answer even if you called every minute of the day, nor will you see anything on them with the better business bureau, which any legit company will have. Please do not be stupid, go on public domains and ask if anyone can direct you to an sites that give you this information for free. Like I said, court documents are always a great source. I can even find your tax records from ten years ago pretty easily and not have to pay a penny for the information. Lol Please take my advice, people!

Randy says:

Total Scam

I too bit. I’m retired from the Justice Department and wanted a reverse cell phone lookup for my own freelance research. Came across a site,, supposedly operated by a “freelance writer” named “Kim” (who probably doesn’t even exist) extolling the virtues of the NetDetective reverse cell phone lookup, so I joined. Ran several cell phone numbers, including four of my own (which I’ve had for three to eight years), through their search and obtained “No Results Found” for every single one. Conclusion: Either they have no cell phone database or it is very, very limited. Fortunately, I still have contacts within the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Unit…

Anonymous Coward says:

OMG! You are all so right! I immediately called my credit card company (30 minutes after signing up) and it was In I’ll call my credit card company back and they will refuse to pay because they noted that I already tried to cancel. They gave me a phone number for the company but it doesn’t answer nor take messages. And this was approved by the Better Business Bureau? Mary

robert white says:


i purchased net dectective back when it first came ou t, it was a one time fee for the program and info and updates , but if you went to links then if they had fees thatwas separate, my purchase was a once lifetime payment , and they gave you the return online address to redownload if lost , so with receipt and order number you had lifetime ownership of the product, since then i have had the computer the program was on be destroyed and needed to redownload the net detective, but was unable to, upon contacting them they do not have any record of my purchase anymore but i have all my receipts and order number , but they refuse to set me back up for what i paid for , basically this is theft by fraud or simply fraud in what i was told i purchased , DO NOT ever buy products from these people m you will not get what they say you will.

winnie says:

Net Detective is a liar

I was looking for a background check for my employee and I was checking out net detective web site.It offer service for 29.99 and I want to find any other web site so I was trying to go back to google search.Instantly, the pop up window showed up and it reduced the price for only 19.99.I was lured by this price change and signed up.But I found out the service is nothing better than google people search and there is no background check.They claimed that if I want additional service I have to upgrade for additional fee but I don’t trust them anymore.

JJ says:


Net detective will offer you a cancellation page when you discover it’s a fraud, but will NOT credit you back on your credit card. They will charge you again the next month, even if you did nothing to justify it. If you fell for this scam, cancel or change rour CC card numbers. DO this immediately as once the charges appear, there is little recourse.

Andy says:

Scam for sure

I bought their service a month ago, and I immediately notice they are scam right after i paid 10 dollars extra for 3 days advance search. Because the information come out from search is totally crap. I thought it’s fine, just 40 bucks for a good lesson to reminds me never trust those sites and should do more research before purchase. But I found out they were charging me 29.95 for monthly membership fee that i have never signed up for. I called my bank to dispute those transactions. However the representative I’ve spoke with telling me to call the merchandise seller first. How could i trust them anyway, after they rip me off and seeing all the compliant reviews. But anyway, I’ll give them a call today as my banker want. Then I’ll try to dispute by calling my bank again. Hopefully it would be able to solve asap.

C says:

Net Detective add banner

Right at the bottom of this webpage (right now), net detective has a banner add link, direct link and note that says Get 3 years Unlimited Searches with the best detective service online. Banner add place looks to be Adchoices. Okey dokey, boy this internet is really turning into an overall scam. I’ll have to just find a landline and dial zero to get a human operator regarding phone numbers vs. using the internet.

Anonymous Coward says:

Net Detective is a HUGE SCAM!!! I can’t believe that the BBB hasn’t closed them down. As previously stated, information is not found!! I ended up paying over 69.05 for nothing!! DO NOT USE THEM

Their 100% customer satisfaction is a farce, when you call to get a refund they claim they can’t refund anything over the basic package! What a SCAM & RIP OFF

Michael Hill says:


Do yourself a favor & don’t get scammed. How u do that is look at all the complaints & don’t use netdective. I’m pissed as I know alot of people r & most of them don’t voice their stories so u can imagine there is a huge following that this program is a scam. I was offered gift cards totalling $125.00 I wasn’t told I had 2 spend $500.00 to get them. I had plans for Christmas for my daughter. I was going 2 use $100.00 of the gift cards 2 help me buy her an XBOX 360 with connect. Now that’s messed up. IM REALLY PISSED TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN 2 THE BBB ONLY ONCE BEFORE & HERE I GO AGAIN

pissed off & using my voice says:


Do yourself a favor & don’t get scammed. How u do that is look at all the complaints & don’t use netdective. I’m pissed as I know alot of people r & most of them don’t voice their stories so u can imagine there is a huge following that this program is a scam. I was offered gift cards totalling $125.00 I wasn’t told I had 2 spend $500.00 to get them. I had plans for Christmas for my daughter. I was going 2 use $100.00 of the gift cards 2 help me buy her an XBOX 360 with connect. Now that’s messed up. IM REALLY PISSED TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN 2 THE BBB ONLY ONCE BEFORE & HERE I GO AGAIN

Kirk Taylor says:

Contact FTC

I Paid for the $29 subscription to :

Net Detective Harris Digital Publishing
1392 S woodland BLVD
Deland Florida 32720 USA
Phone 386-736-3881

And I cannot Even login and the web page says Reload page each time or it doesn’t exist. Please Help me get my money back or involved in a settlement to retrieve a portion of the proceeds of the settlemet should their be any against them.

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