Buffalo Spammer Convicted

from the can-we-put-him-to-work-deleting-spam? dept

Howard Carmack, known as the “Buffalo spammer” has been convicted and should face two to seven years in prison. You may recall that Carmack lost a lawsuit from Earthlink last year to the tune of $16 million. However, that turned out to be the least of his problems as he was being tracked down by NY state officials – who arrested him soon after. Despite all the talk about anti-spam laws this all happened before CAN-SPAM, and he was charged with a number of felony and misdemeanor charges “including forgery, identity theft, falsifying business records and criminal possession of a forgery device.” It seems like most of these could be used against other spammers as well. How thrilled do you think the jury was to throw this guy away for a few years?

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Comments on “Buffalo Spammer Convicted”

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1 Comment
thecaptain says:

How thrilled?

Well I would have paid the court instead of the other way around to sit on that jury 🙂

However, a sharp defense attorney would probably have eliminated me as a juror…I hate spammers way too much to fake being impartial during the voix-dire (or whatever)

But think of the fun pronouncing him guilty and recommending a heavy sentence 🙂

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