Vonage Preparing To Offer WiFi Phone

Vonage is apparently preparing a VoWLAN phone service that can connect to WiFi networks, and place cheap VoIP calls to any phone number in the world. There are no details yet as to which vendor is producing the handsets, or whether the handset will roam onto GSM/CDMA networks, or how the handset will handle authentication (say, at a T-Mobile Hotspot). Such a device would be an easy win in warehouse or campus settings where a company controls the WiFi network, but these companies normally would want the VoIP to run through their PBX systems, not straight to Vonage. Could Vonage be planning to offer outsourced PBX-type services? Why not. This type of phone has yet to be proven in a wide-area use scenario. Furthermore, such a phone is not necessary in the home, where most people have a cordless phone plugged into their Vonage box already, allowing limited mobility. When we learn more about the product, we’ll have a better idea of where it fits.

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