Hairdressers Happier Than Techies

from the no-outsourcing-of-hairdressing? dept

A new study says that only one in seven IT workers is very happy with their job. IT work comes in 19th (out of…?) on the list of “happy professions” well behind hairdressers, plumbers, chefs and florists (a very happy bunch). I don’t think this is all that surprising. A lot of people don’t become techies because they enjoy the work, but because they think it pays well, or because it seems like a good profession. People say it over and over again – it’s important to do a job you like. However, few people actually follow through on that, and then they complain that they’re not happy in their job.

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Comments on “Hairdressers Happier Than Techies”

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MLO says:


I switched from administrative assistant to technical work because I was very curious about the computers I was working on and what made them go. Initially I loved what I did and sucked up any and all knowledge that I could

However, as demands have increased at work and I am forced to not only attend to serious network issues as well as lots and lots of user calls, I find it increasingly stressful and less enjoyable.

I’m at the point where, once I get home, I dont want to touch a computer, let alone go online and pick up email. Oddly enough what I initially liked doing turned into something that drains me.


Charles W. says:

Hate my job, love the work

I love computers, and working on them, but I hate my job. The work can be interesting, but the stress, and BS from management tends to negate the enjoyment I get from the actual work. Also the problems caused by those people you mentioned that got IT jobs because “it pays well”. They never learned the job, they just do it for a paycheck. So those of us who love IT, and know it forward and backwards are constantly fixing problems caused by those “amateurs”. I don’t yet have a degree, so I don’t have much oppertunity for a different job(yet). So I would be one of the unhappy people in the servey, but I enjoy the work.

Charles W.

dorpus says:

Dead Techies Rain From the Sky

I have known plenty of engineering or CS majors who refused to go anywhere near programming, who thought their degrees made them “better” IT professionals than anyone else. I’ve also found that the way to raise the blood pressure of an engineering major, to make veins the size of telephone chords bulge under his skin, is to accuse him of not being able to write English.

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