The Home Of The Future Is Pretty Much Available Now

from the isn't-that-depressing? dept

The BBC is talking about the Ideal Home Exhibition that tries to put together all the funky technology to create the ideal home of the future. What’s interesting, though, isn’t necessarily all the gadgets found in this exhibition, but the comparison to the Ideal Home Exhibition from 1960. In that exhibition, the ideal home was a distant dream. The features in the home were not readily available to the average homeowner. That’s not at all true with this year’s ideal home – which seems like what you might find in an early adopter’s house right now. Is this a case where we’ve almost caught up to the future vision of our homes? Or is it the more likely situation, where the sponsors of the exhibition aren’t so much using it to discuss futuristic ideas, but more as a promotional vehicle to sell gadgets to home owners?

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