The Guy Who Keeps Spammers In Business

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Every time the spam issue comes up, people wonder who the hell actually buys stuff sold via spam. I’ve talked to reporters who have said they simply can’t track anyone down who will go on the record as a spam buyer. However, one reporter has not only found someone who will admit to buying from spam, he makes it a daily habit. Of course, a bit of this reads like spammer propaganda, as the guy even admits that he’s “dabbled” in spamming himself. So, part of me wonders if this is part of a PR campaign by spammers to make it appear that buying from spam isn’t so bad. Of course, I’m not sure spammers are that sophisticated. Still, this guy sits down every night and happily goes through all the spam he’s received that day, looking for deals. He buys oils for his wife, pills and cigarettes for himself, and… um… porn sites (though, he says he’s stopped running them now). Actually, the more you read this story, the less true it seems. However, if it is real, then it shows exactly why spammers continue. They even quote some spammers who talk about how wonderful these “repeat buyers” are.

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