The Death Of The AT&T Brand

from the who-needs-it-any-more... dept

Over at CommsDesign, they’re mourning the death of the AT&T brand. This seems a bit premature, as the brand is definitely still there at AT&T – and the company has indicated they may revive the AT&T Wireless brand themselves after the current AT&T Wireless becomes Cingular. However, in spinning off and selling off their various pieces, many businesses that once were included under the AT&T umbrella are something completely different now. AT&T Wireless will, as mentioned, soon be part of Cingular. AT&T Broadband became part of Comcast. AT&T Bell Labs became Lucent and spun off even further into Avaya and Agere. The article also discusses various other brands that have been sold off and spun off into oblivion as well. Maybe someone (with a lot of free time, of course) should create a family tree for certain brands.

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