Do You Violate Your Friends' Privacy By Using Plaxo?

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It appears that others are beginning to pick up on one of the fundamental problems with services like Plaxo that we’ve been discussing here recently. With all the focus these days on making sure corporations protect your personal info, why are people so quick to sign up with services like Plaxo and hand over all of the private info of friends, co-workers and acquaintances? In fact, this reporter is wondering if Plaxo is violating new data privacy laws in Europe. When I give out my private contact info to you, does that mean it’s okay for you to give that to a private company? While most people are concerned about companies giving away our data, why are we okay with our friends doing the same thing?

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Comments on “Do You Violate Your Friends' Privacy By Using Plaxo?”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

Its a matter of courtesy, politeness and respect to NOT pass on private or semi-private information that does not belong to you without permission in most circumstances.

Which means that 90% of people out there will do it without a qualm or a clue that its just wrong.

Its simple ethics..which are in short supply these days.

Simon Grice (user link) says:

my contact details

I read this with interest. Midentity ( is a European based company providing services some of which are similiar to Plaxo in that they allow you to request other people to update their details for you.

We (Midentity) take a simple approach to this. Our Privacy Policy and more importantaly Data Protection registration ensures we are legally bound NOT to pass the contact details (or other personal information) of our customers on to third-parties.

We also charge our customers around ?2 per month for the service which is our business model so we have no financial need nor motive to pass any details on to anyone (other than the intended receipient of the data).

Would welcome more discussion on this.

Thank you.
Simon Grice
Midentity Limited

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