Obsessive DVD Collectors

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DVDs have taken off well beyond the expectations of most people. At best, the studios hoped that they would replace videotapes as rentals of choice, but very few people expected so many people to start buying DVDs. Now, as DVD prices continue to drop, many people are amassing huge DVD collections for their home theaters and are discovering a problem: how do they manage their collections. Some are using the same software video rental stores use, while a number of other alternative applications and websites are showing up to let people track their own (and others) DVD libraries. The article includes the story of a guy who was hired by a wealthy business man to go out and collect a huge personal library so that he could watch just about any movie he wanted at home whenever he wanted. It all seems a bit… obsessive. You would think that some of these people would just be better off with a Netflix account.

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Comments on “Obsessive DVD Collectors”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It's simple cost-benefits

Mike, consider this:

– ya go to the theatre, plunk down your 20 bucks, maybe another 10 for even the smallest snack (holy crap, can the prices GET higher?) and then try to sit in those wish-they-were comfortable seats. If you’re lucky, you get stadium seating and the only issue is whether you or the smelly guy that crams next to you at the last minute is gonna hog the armrest.


– buy a movie. Head on home. Most dvd collectors have a decent ~30″ TV, some of them have bigger, some, like my officemate, have the widescreen thingy with the dolby 5:1 whatever and a million speakers artfully arranged around a pair of love seats or a couple of lazyboys.
My officemate also has beer, and he’s a man of Generous Proportion. So is his lovely wife. While they could do Jenny Craig, they’ll probably never be able to drink beer in the theatre; and getting them to pay $30 for a theatre experience and the contest of the armrests with Mr Smelly there, that’s not gonna happen.

The theatres have overpriced their rickety seats and bad popcorn to the point that no one wants to go if there’s an alternative. For some, the alternative is cheaper and we consequently get to keep the movie for ANOTHER showing in 3 months when we’ve forgotten about it. I ALREADY prefer the Home Viewing Experience, even though my ‘Home Theatre’ is about the cheapest I know of:
(well, my TV is a 1999 ct-2764a)
What’s $350 give a cheap bastard like me?

– I spend more on beer
– I watch my movie and DRINK THE BEER AT THE SAME TIME
– I don’t have a parking hassle
– I don’t have a car-broken-into risk
– I don’t have a driving hassle.
– I don’t have to worry about driving home drunk
– I don’t have to listen to YOU lot talking on YOUR wireless units. Piss off!
– I can check my mail while someone’s in the WC
– I can eat Pizza in my theatre
– I don’t care about whatever pamela said to you in third period. Now, I don’t have to hear it either.
– no gum stuck to the ass of my pants. Unless I do the sticking.
– no fronting teens throwing debris at me and tittering like girls.
– I can put my feet on any seat I like.

Really, the only thing I’d ever want to go to the theatre for, these days, is Lord of the Rings. Its vast costneresque lanscape/battle shots are the only reason to hit the cinema for anything.

This past year was a prime example. Bought 10 DVDs. Watched them all a few times, traded them with my buddy for 10 other ones. Didn’t have to fuck with envelopes or extra fees. Had too much beer and wayyy better/cheaper candy selection than at the rinky-dink cineplex. I went to the theatre for Matrix (what a letdown) and LotR (woo!).

I’ve traded the cineplex for WalMart and I’m a happier man for it. Not even lookin’ back.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: It's simple cost-benefits

Well I don’t know about others…but my DVD collection just hit the 150 mark last week (I have over a thousand movies on Tape tho..).

My SO and I tend to watch movies a lot…

I don’t think we have any movies or DVDs that we HAVEN’T watched..except our newest finds.

We end up watching VERY little actual TV. We don’t watch more tv to accomodate…we’re watching DVDs almost exclusively.

AND since some of our favorite shows have been released on DVD we’ve been picking them up when the budget allows. I’ll tell you, once you watch a season of your favorite show, WHEN you want, HOW MUCH you want (if you want to watch 2 episodes..or 3…you choose), and WITHOUT any damn commercials, you’ll find it VERY painful to watch an episode on regular TV 🙂

We’re cutting down our cable to the minimum because of this.

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