More Phones That Fix Themselves With OTA

In January, I talked about new mobile system technology that allowed carriers to update, fix, or move software to phones Over The Air. This allows a far cheaper method of fixing bugs that now live in the pockets of thousands of customers than a recall. At the time, I said: “Bitfone may be the leader, but the problem they solve will create a micro-industry of similar solutions, and eventually all phones will be remotely upgradeable.” Well, the parade of announcements had been almost constant since, with Siemens now on board through a partnership with OTA tech firm Red Bend. Even when all the vendors/carriers adopt OTA, it should be almost invisible to users. The most an individual will see is likely to be when they complain about something on their phone, and the rep says “Please wait 24hrs, we’ll push a fix to your phone overnight, and it should work tomorrow.”

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