Spying Anti-Spyware Everywhere

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Remember when people made a big deal out of anti-spam companies that spammed? Well, now, it seems like a large percentage of spam I get is advertising anti-spamware. It looks like spyware/adware products are going down the same path. A number of “anti-spyware” products out there are now being accused of using the same spyware/adware tactics within their software. It’s amazing just how many products there are out there with similar names, and it’s no surprise that people are getting confused over which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. Once again, you have to wonder if this is something that ISPs should be providing instead – though, so far they haven’t done a very good job of offering up technology that really helps prevent spyware. However, for the average user, they are increasingly going to expect their service provider to protect them from spyware, adware, spam and all sorts of other malicious attacks out there.

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