The Life Of A Professional Video Gamer

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We’ve been following the trend of video games to be treated more and more like sporting events, and now is running an interview with a professional video gamer, who is making pretty good money at it. The money comes both from winning tournaments and from sponsorships. However, he’s now trying to take it a step further, and is going to start selling his own computers that are designed to the specs he likes. The interview reads like a typical confident (ok, cocky) athlete, talking about how great he is. He compares himself to Michael Jordan a few times and talks about how great he is at video games – but then talks about how much more sportsmanlike he is than other players. One interesting thing, is that he points out that part of his training involves real exercise: running and aerobics to try to keep his reflexes sharp. It’s still interesting to watch video gaming morph into a spectator sport. As it does, the prizes are getting bigger, and it’s getting a lot more attention. Of course, I wonder how many parents are happy about their kids growing up to be professional Quake players instead of professional baseball players.

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