CD-Wow Accused Of Unfairly Blaming Industry For Price Increase

from the touchy-touchy dept

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) certainly seems a bit touchy on the whole CD Wow mess. Last week BPI won a ruling against CD Wow saying it was illegal for them to source (completely legitimate) CDs from Asia where they were cheaper. Following this CD Wow raised their prices, until earlier this week when they struck a better deal with European sources. Still, after their initial decision to raise prices, they blamed BPI, since (after all) it was the BPI lawsuit that forced them to switch to more expensive suppliers. BPI didn’t take kindly to this and have now sued the firm for blaming them for the price increases, saying it was CD Wow’s decision on their own (conveniently ignoring the fact that the only reason they needed to switch suppliers was BPI). Admittedly, CD Wow has done a good job turning this whole mess into a strong marketing and publicity opportunity for themselves, but it seems like BPI should perhaps calm down and spend some more time learning how protectionist trade policies tend to backfire.

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