PalmSource Finds New OS Strategy To Fit On Phones

Has PalmSource missed the boat? The operating system is still quite popular on certain PDAs in the US (less so elsewhere). However, now that everyone admits that the market is shifting to smartphones, PalmSource is a step behind Symbian and Microsoft (even with the critical success of the Treo 600). Now, even as PalmOne admits they’d consider operating systems other than their sister PalmSource, the folks at PalmSource realized something needed to be done. They’re shifting their OS strategy to better position it for the smartphone world, and are looking to make different versions that will work well on different devices. They’re hoping this will allow them to get a larger share of the phone OS world, though, some think it’s a bit late in the game for them to try. Details are lacking, but it sounds like the plan is to continue support for PalmOS 5, and target that at lower end phones, while pitching the “rebuilt from the ground up” PalmOS 6 for higher end lines.

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