Pro And Con For Online Learning

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Here’s another one of those debates that never seems to die. As online learning becomes more popular, traditionalists are getting worried that it’s destroying our best way of educating people. This seems a bit silly. The fact is that there are some advantages to learning certain things in a classroom setting for some people, and there are times when it makes more sense to learn remotely. It really depends on the circumstances, the subject matter, the teachers, the course material and the student involved. Putting blanket statements on the whole thing doesn’t necessarily make sense. Clearly, as the article shows, the online learning experience works for some people. For others, I’m sure it’s not nearly as useful as an in-classroom situation. Having options, though, is better than having none at all.

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Comments on “Pro And Con For Online Learning”

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Inner Critic says:

Boring classrooms

Frankly, I had way too many classes that were exceptionally boring, and many that were completely pointless, as prof. and teachers would ramble off on a tangent.

I was one of the very few people who’s marks went UP in college, as I was never that engaged by high school.

I took an online course once to test it out, and found it to be fairly reasonable, because I could speed through at my own pace.

There should be many alternatives to fit the learning style of the students. Clearly, not everything can be taught online. But many things can.

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Online education

I work in tech support for online education classes.

One thing, if you don’t LIKE computers and you’re not willing to learn how to use them, PLEASE do not sign up for online classes !

You would be amazed @ the amount of schlubs that think assignments are just going to attach and upload themselves without any user involvement like writing them to begin with.

To those that LIKE computers & are willing to learn,

” How may I help you ? ”

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