eBay Hacker Drops Pointless Legal Strategies, Admits Guilt

from the about-time dept

It’s been over two years since we first wrote about the accused eBay hacker who decided to fire his lawyer for no good reason and defend himself, only to start making outlandish court claims that made him sound like a bratty teenager, and not a court defendant. He claimed the case was invalid because it spelled his name in all capital letters. He threatened to subpoena the entire United States, since they were named as the plaintiff in the case. He also demanded to take the stand and testify at a hearing whose entire purpose was to set the date of the trial. Finally, as he was dragged out of court, he told the judge he’d hold him personally liable for any time he spent in jail. He also claimed that he was set up, and hackers had broken into his computer and done all the supposed defacing. Now, however, he’s given it all up, and agreed to a pleas bargain where he admits he was guilty. While it’s completely possible he was pressured into the plea bargain, it’s also possible that he finally realized that this wasn’t just some game.

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