The Man In The Glasses Knows If You're Lying – Or If You Love Him

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Remember those silly questions you used to get asked at the airport, where people used to wonder, if you hadn’t actually packed your own bags or had accepted a package from someone else – would you actually admit it? Well, those questions are no longer required, but maybe they’re going to make a comeback as someone has apparently invented lie-detecing glasses, which they’re pitching to airline security agencies as a good way to determine if someone has plans to do any harm to an airline. The same company is also pitching a different version of the same technology that can supposedly indicate whether the person you’re talking to “loves” you or not. With both of these products, you might want to question their accuracy levels. The systems are different than traditional polygraphs, by measuring aspects of the voice frequency range – and analyzes such things as pauses and how stressed the voice sounds. They’re trying to sell the glasses for more commercial reasons as well – such as the ability to watch the presidential debates and get an indication of how often the politicians are lying (insert old political joke here).

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Comments on “The Man In The Glasses Knows If You're Lying – Or If You Love Him”

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Andrew Phelps (user link) says:

No Subject Given

The use of this technology would, obviously, raise a lot of concerns. Imperfections in the device could lead to a huge number of unwarranted searches and seizures. Could we allow technology to create probable cause to investigate and possibly arrest a person?

And privacy advocates will jump all over this one.

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