Scam Busters Just As Bad As Scam Victims?

from the just-as-predictable,-at-least dept

An odd article out of South Africa complaining that scam busters are just as bad as scam victims – in that they act in just as predictable a manner. Of course, the scam busters aren’t the folks losing money to the scammers, and, in fact, they often are doing a good job to spread news of a scam to protect potential victims. So, I’m a bit confused as to what’s so upsetting about people taking it upon themselves to tell others about a scam. Certainly, there are some things that don’t deserve to be publicized, but are, due to the intensity of the efforts against them. However, scams are something that clearly should be publicized to limit the negative impact. It seems that the real complaint of the writer isn’t so much scam busters, but “fad” busters who complain about people getting hooked on the latest fad. However, fads and scams are two very different things.

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